5 Hacks to Reduce Energy Consumption This Summer

As anyone living in the Charleston area knows, summers can be brutally hot, which can lead to higher energy costs. If you are worried about reducing not just your energy bill this summer, but also your carbon footprint, these are excellent tricks to reduce energy consumption from top HVAC companies. Try these quick and easy do-it-yourself ways to cut your monthly energy bills throughout the long, hot months ahead.

1. Have Your Air Conditioning Regularly Maintained

According to statistics, having your air conditioning regularly maintained can increase its energy efficiency by as much as 5%. If you haven’t had your air conditioning maintained yet this year, now is the time. Not only will it help to reduce your energy consumption and cut your monthly cooling bills; it will prevent an expensive repair down the line. Since the average repair cost can run upwards of $300, it is better to pay the minimal cost to have your system maintained and avoid the need to have it serviced after something breaks!

2. Clean the Air Condenser and Area Surrounding Your Unit

Cleaning your air conditioning unit is imperative at least once a year. But it is also a good idea to check it for debris and other hazards continually. The condenser unit is the one that is located outdoors. Make sure that there are no potential hazards around it, especially with hurricane season in full swing. Remove any furniture or equipment that can cause damage in high winds. And also, check for branches or other things lingering that can pose a problem. Finally, clean the condenser monthly with a hose to remove exterior dirt and debris that can clog the system and make it work harder than it has to.

3. Change the Filter

According to experts, a dirty HVAC filter can significantly reduce the efficiency of your air conditioning unit. Your air filters should ideally be changed monthly to reduce your energy costs. The best to keep up with filter changes is to set an alarm on your phone and buy filters ahead of time online to get them at a lower cost. If you have the filters available, then you are more apt not to forget when it is time to change them out.

4. Inspect Your Air Conditioning Unit

Don’t wait for your air conditioning to malfunction when you can spot signs of trouble before it becomes very troublesome. Periodically, turn on your system on and off to check for any strange noises and to ensure that your unit is firing up as it should. If it doesn’t start up quickly or makes a strange noise, then it is a good idea to call a professional to ensure that there isn’t an issue. It is always cheaper to make a maintenance check call than a repair one.

5. Summer End Care Performed by HVAC Companies

Although summer is in full swing, it will be over before you know it. Your end of summer care is critical to extending the lifespan of your air conditioner. And also, to ensure that you won’t be headed for a repair call come fall. Instead of shutting it off and forgetting about it until the warm weather rolls around again, call a professional to maintain it. That way, you know it will be good to go when you have to turn your heat to cool again next spring.

With summer in South Carolina comes heat. To make sure that you are paying the minimal in cooling costs and extending the life of your air conditioning unit, make sure that you are maintaining your air conditioning system properly so that you can avoid an expensive repair call. But if something is amiss, make sure to call Carolina Comfort Specialists to help!

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