Maintenance Musts to Ensure Your Air Conditioner is in Top Condition for the Heat!

We knew the day would come soon when our cold winter air would switch to stifling, but somehow it always seems to creep up on us. If you haven’t had your air conditioning maintenance done, then there is a good chance that your system might be headed for a breakdown. Since prevention is always less expensive than a repair, try these maintenance musts from the best HVAC company in Mount Pleasant’s to-do tips!

Change Your Air Filters

Your air filters are the first line of defense that your air conditioning has against fine particles and dust. When you don’t change them regularly, not only is the build-up of dirt and dust likely, but it will also reduce your energy efficiency and limit airflow. Your air filters should ideally be changed every thirty days, so if it is time, now is the time to do so. By changing out your air filters you will allow your system to work optimally, while also reducing wear and tear.

Wipe Around the Unit and Inspect for Debris

The fan is a critical part of your air conditioning’s functioning. Since it’s outside, it is not uncommon for dirt and debris to build up around the unit itself or even for leaves and small branches to interfere with the fan. Now is an excellent time to inspect your outdoor unit for signs of things blocking it, and wash it down so that it can work in optimal shape. If dirt and debris are limiting airflow, then they can easily lead to the unit overheating.

Check Condensate Line

The condensate line is where the water drains from your system. If there is a leak in the line, it can lead to bacteria and mold growth. It can also make your unit shut down and need repairs. Before you switch your air conditioning unit on, it is a good idea to call the best HVAC company in Mount Pleasant to ensure that the drain is free-flowing and not clogged in order to reduce the risk of expensive damage!

Seal Windows and Doors

In South Carolina, a leaky house will be your worst air conditioning enemy. Weatherstripping or insulation is the best way to make sure that your energy costs aren’t literally flying out the window. Check for air leaking in and out through the entryway door and your windows. The more you can keep the cool in and the warmth out, the less your system will have to work to keep up!

Make Sure Your Thermometer is Working Correctly

By adjusting your home’s temperature throughout the day based on when you are home, you can significantly reduce your energy bills throughout the summer. You will also want to make sure that there aren’t any sources of heat unwittingly messing with your thermostat’s temperature setting. Things like appliances that give off heat, direct sunlight, and other heat sources will all make your air conditioning work overtime. That can lead to an expensive repair call and also decrease the lifespan of your air conditioning system.

As we head into summer, the best way to ensure that your air conditioning is ready to take the heat is to perform regular maintenance. If it has been a while since you have had your system maintained, now is the perfect time to call and schedule your appointment. Contact our office today to have our technicians get your HVAC hot weather-ready.

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