Air Conditioning Installation

Our mission is to find the most cost-effective solution to ensure that you have the right system in place, and also that it is adequately maintained to keep it running throughout the year. We pair state-of-the-art equipment with the expertise to ensure that you have an air conditioning system that works as it should!

Carolina Comfort Specialists

Air Conditioning Installation is Simple With Carolina Comfort Specialists

Air Conditioning InstallationThe right air conditioning system should be able to handle the demands of your house so that you can maintain a consistent and comfortable temperature no matter how hot it gets outside. Whole-house systems not only help to cool your home, they also seek to remove the moisture from the air. And when the humidity is kept at the right level, you don’t need to crank the air conditioning way down.

You will feel more comfortable at warmer temperatures. That means that you can stop running your system over time. And, in turn, save money on your monthly cooling costs. Reducing the high humidity in your home also helps to reduce fatigue, increase your quality of sleep, and also to increase productivity. Also, high humidity can lead to things like bacteria, mold growth, and insect and pest issues. A dryer environment will help to cut down on things like allergens, dust mites, and cockroaches

Why you Should Consider Upgrading to Variable Capacity

Variable-speed technology is relatively new and a great way to save energy costs and increase comfort in your home. The system can automatically adjust its speed according to the needs of the environment so that you get relief when you need it most. Air conditioning units rarely require that your system work at 100% capacity, which is why variable-speed units are an excellent choice. They help to determine your cooling needs and vary the speed increments between 40 and 100%. That not only ensures that you have a comfortable environment even on the hottest days, it also helps to cut your energy costs and save your unit from excessive wear and tear.

Better Air Filtration with New Air Conditioning Installation

Advancements made to the design of newer air conditioning units also allow for better air filtration. Filtration helps to remove dust, dander, airborne spores, and pollen from the air. This promotes better air quality and a healthier home by reducing viral and bacterial infections. And by keeping the windows closed, you can help to reduce allergy irritation and noise pollution.

We have the most innovative products combined with the expert installation that includes evaluating your entire home, considering things like insulation and window energy efficiency. We offer the highest-quality products in the industry. And our goal is to provide you with the most cost-effective, energy efficient system possible.

We approach every air conditioning installation with a fresh eye and a creative approach to ensure that you are getting the best operating system possible to keep your home running smoothly, efficiently, and within your price range.

When you need expert air conditioning installation…

When it comes to Air Conditioning Installation, Carolina Comfort Specialists is the leader in the industry. We provide the best solutions to your air conditioning problems in Charleston, SC.

Contact us so that we can evaluate your current system and find a way to improve its energy efficiency by approaching it from all angles!


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