Air Conditioning Troubleshoot Quick Fixes

Before you pick up the phone to schedule an appointment, there are some quick troubleshooting fixes you can try. Beware, however, these are just that, quick fixes, and no substitute for having a professional ensure that your air conditioning is working optimally. Whenever your air conditioning is acting up or not acting at all, a service call is the right way to go to avoid more money down the line!


A/C Thermostat Display Registers Blank

A/C Thermostat blank registers are a common problem. First, check to see if the batteries are working. If they are, the problem might stem from your breakers. It might be that either the outdoor condensing unit or indoor air handlers circuits have been tripped. To fix the problem, you have to reset the tripped circuit, and then the thermostat should register again. If the problem is not solved by either of these troubleshooting tactics, it is best to give us a call. Messing around with electricity is never a good idea unless you are a trained professional!

Your Air Conditioning Unit Isn’t Cooling

The first thing to check is to make sure that your thermostat display is working. Often, the cause of an inefficient air conditioner is dirty filters. Filters that are caked with dirt and debris can slow down your unit or even freeze it entirely. If you replace your air filters and the air conditioner is still not cooling as it should, check the air grilles around your home. They should all be open and not obstructed by anything.

If the grilles and thermostat seem to be functioning properly, it is best to call us for an evaluation. Most likely, if the cause is not the grilles or the air filters, it is a mechanical problem that needs to be addressed, and something only a trained professional can fix.

You Have Cold or Hot Spots Around the House

If your home has cold and hot spots, it isn’t just irritating, it might signal a problem with your unit. A zoning setting issue can lead to having rooms that are hot and not being supplied, so it is a good idea to check the thermostat to make sure it is set properly. Also, evaluate the room itself to ensure that there aren’t a lot of electronics that might be heating the room up too quickly and placing too much of a demand on that individual space. If that is not the case, it also might be that there is an insulation problem that is letting all the cold air escape from the room. If none of those things is a factor, it is time to make a repair call because quite likely it is an air conditioning unit problem.

Can’t fix it yourself? Call the Air Conditioning Repair Experts!

If you have tried all of these troubleshooting tips to no avail, then it is time to place a call to Carolina Comfort Specialist. We have decades of experience in the area and an established reputation for finding a problem and fixing it. We handle all types of air conditioning issues. Although it is a good idea to try to fix things yourself, when possible, it is never a good idea to avoid calling professionals who can spot signs of trouble and fix them before they become a major problem.

Contact us today if you are having any air conditioning problems and let us get you back to comfortable!


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