Buying or Renting an Ice Machine – Which Makes More Cents?

Now that things are hopefully returning to pre-pandemic normal, restaurants are enjoying putting their “open for business” sign back up. Over the past year, it has been difficult for many food and entertainment establishments to keep their heads above water. And if you have had a hard time keeping up with maintaining your equipment, your ice maker might have gone by the wayside. When things pick up, there will be a rush to enjoy social life again, which means customers. Be prepared by updating. Instead of buying a new ice machine, however, you might want to consider renting. These are just some of the reasons why you should Google “ice maker rental near me” over purchasing new.

Maintenance is a Hassle

When you buy an ice maker, you are responsible for paying for the maintenance and upkeep. Ice makers need to be cleaned out frequently to ensure that they are sanitary. And they also need to be maintained by a professional refrigeration company. When you rent an ice maker, it becomes someone else’s responsibility. That is one expense and responsibility that you no longer have to worry about.


Much like buying a new car, when you buy an ice maker new, the minute it is delivered, you have lost money. Although you can write off the cost of depreciation, wouldn’t it be easier to just rent it from someone? The small cost of renting pales in comparison to taking a hit. And if something happens, you won’t have to worry about recouping your investment – you just hand it back and you’re free.

Save Interest

Unless you have an endless budget, ice makers can be really expensive. And most restaurant owners have to finance them. The amount of interest that you have to pay can be costly. And when you have finally paid it off, you’ve ended up buying it for way more than it is worth. When you rent, you might not own it at the end, but you don’t have to pay a finance charge that you will not get back if you ever have to sell it.

Get the Latest Technology

The refrigeration world gets better every year. With all the advancements made in quality, longevity, and energy efficiency, it is better to upgrade frequently – but who has money for that? When you rent, you can continue to upgrade as new features become available without having to buy or sell. You simply call the rental company and ask for a better version. Yes, it really is that easy.

As the world starts to open up and we are starting to see some normalcy again, people will soon be heading out to enjoy some time away from home and a good meal. If you haven’t had the resources to do much more than keep the doors open, Googling “ice maker near me” is an excellent way to be ready for the rush ahead! Contact Carolina Comfort Specialists and let us take care of your ice-making needs today.

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