Repair or Replace? Four Advantages of Upgrading Your System in 2023

As a homeowner, you will inevitably have to decide whether you want to throw money into repairing your aging HVAC system or if it’s better and more economical to simply start over and upgrade now. If you are wondering which is a better choice for you, these are four advantages to consider, suggested by our heating and air Mt. Pleasant, SC experts, regarding upgrading versus using an expensive bandaid.

Energy Efficiency Has Come a Long Way

Over the past two decades, a lot of attention has been focused on finding more energy-efficient HVAC systems and models. Older HVAC systems tend to run harder, longer, and way less efficiently, which will end up costing you more – not just in terms of usage, but also in breakdowns and repairs from wear and tear. If it has been a while since you upgraded to reduce your overall energy consumption, you will probably be pleasantly surprised by what options for cost savings you have now!

Your System is Working Overtime

Even if you repair your system, it might not be able to keep your home as warm or cold as it needs to. But even if it can keep up with demand, it might be working around the clock and overtime, which means that you are likely heading for a breakdown. If you notice that your system is working all the time, then it is costing you more money than need be. Sure, investing in a new system will cost money, but the monthly energy savings will end up paying the cost of upgrading quickly!

Smart Technology

The key to maximizing your energy efficiency is in being proactive, like setting your thermostat to respond to your daily routine so it isn’t working when you aren’t even around. Although programmable thermostats have been around for a while, new smart technology built into HVAC systems is allowing homeowners to shut their systems down when they aren’t in use and adjust things remotely. If you upgrade, you get features that will allow you to be proactive, even when away, and cut back on your overall consumption, which translates into monthly savings!

Bandaids Don’t Last

As anyone who has worn a bandaid for too long can tell you, allowing it to stay put for too long can actually work against you. If you have a bandaid that is barely making it, then other parts of your system are working harder and probably suffering for it. Bandaids are great for short-term solutions, but when you are talking about an entire HVAC system that is nearing the end of its lifespan, your breakdown is going to lead to more damage, an emergency call, or the potential that shopping around to compare pricing won’t be an option because you need to move fast. Don’t think that a repair will save you money if it will be more like spending dollars to save pennies!

If you are considering whether it is better to repair your old HVAC system or replace it with a new one, then it is important to consider all factors. No one wants to replace a system if they don’t need to, but simply paying for a short-term repair will most likely lead to more repairs, costly damage, and limited options. It is much more economical to rip off the bandaid now, buy new, and start to let the new system pay for itself with monthly savings! Contact Carolina Comfort Specialists, your heating and air Mt. Pleasant, SC experts, for our opinion about whether replacing or repairing is the best choice for the long term.

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