Four Reasons to Rent an Emergency Walk-In Cooler

There comes a time in nearly every restaurant owner or manager’s life when their walk-in cooler isn’t performing so well. Ideally, you catch it before it takes a turn for the worst, because preventative maintenance is always the best medicine. But if your cooler is on the fritz, you might be sitting on standby waiting for a quick repair. That might not be the best course. Here are just four reasons to Google “cooler rental near me” in the interim instead of crossing your fingers.

Inventory Loss is Real Loss

One of the biggest reasons you want to rent a walk-in cooler if your cooler isn’t working properly is that you are likely to lose all of your inventory if you don’t. If you sit down and run the numbers, you will probably see that it is almost always cheaper to err on the side of caution than to throw caution to the wind. Make sure that you won’t have to rent a dumpster to throw everything out because you didn’t rent a walk-in cooler to save it!

Safety is ALWAYS an Issue

Another reason that you should always be preventive about keeping your inventory cool is that you have to keep food at a certain temperature and there is a very short window before it should all go. If you think you can push those limits just a little, think again. If something does go bad and leads to someone getting sick from poorly refrigerated food, it will cost you a whole lot more than if you had just rented a walk-in emergency cooler. Don’t save pennies by spending dollars and risking your reputation!

Parts Might Not Be Available

So in the best-case scenario, the HVAC guys show up on time to fix the cooler during your window of safety. What if when they show up, they need parts to repair the cooler? Not only did they need time to get there, but they also had to diagnose it. Then, if you have to wait for an emergency cooler rental to show up…well, you can do the math. Don’t assume that your cooler is a one-day fix – or that can put you in a fix!

Delivery is an Issue

What if when they arrive, your walk-in cooler isn’t just on the fritz? What if it’s down and out? If you have to wait for another cooler to arrive, then you are going to risk transferring and possibly losing everything. Even if you can find a cooler to replace yours, you are still going to have to wait for delivery, and that is just not going to happen in your time constraints.

Often, when something happens at a restaurant, you have to gauge loss against cost. When it comes to renting an emergency walk-in cooler, the numbers will almost always tell you it is cheaper to take preventative steps than to cross your fingers and hope for the best. At Carolina Comfort Specialists, we have emergency walk-in coolers on standby ready for you. Don’t take a chance by Googling “emergency walk-in cooler near me” – just call us today!

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