Trusted Commercial HVAC Company in
Greater Charleston, SC

Your commercial heating and cooling system are one of the biggest investments you have. That is why maintaining and keeping them running optimally is important. It isn’t just about the comfort of your employees and clientele, making sure that things are operating appropriately can help to prevent loss profits due to downtime and inventory loss. At Carolina Comfort Specialists, we understand the importance of both maintaining your system, and also providing repair and installation service as quickly and expertly as possible.

Our trained team of technicians can service all major manufacturers with the highest quality and knowledge in the industry. We seek to solve all of your commercial HVAC needs with innovative solutions that are both long-lasting and within budget. Our mission is not only to keep your system running as efficiently as possible but also to reduce HVAC issues that can be both costly and disruptive.

Commercial Air Conditioning Repair and Maintenance
Greater Charleston, SC

Anyone living in the Greater Charleston area knows how brutally hot the summer months can be. It is critical that your business keep your air conditioning running smoothly not just for the comfort of your employees and clientele, but to prevent any inventory loss and downtime. We offer the most comprehensive air conditioning repair and air conditioning maintenance in the industry.

Not only do we ensure that your air conditioning is in good shape; if something should go wrong, we are there when you need us. And we seek to provide the most cost-effective and lasting solutions possible. Our trained technicians can handle any type of air conditioning issue usually same-day, and we also offer emergency services.

Commercial Air Conditioning Installation Greater Charleston, SC

When your air conditioning system is nearing the end of its lifespan, it can be alluring to try to push it for one more season. But, although it is a huge expense, replacing your old system is necessary. And if you install a new system preemptively, then you won’t risk an expensive emergency air conditioning repair call that will leave you with very little options.

At Carolina Comfort Specialists, we deal with all major manufacturers and will seek to find the most effective system at a price you can afford. And since a new system is only as good as the installation, we guarantee that all of our new installs will run to perfection. After the installation is complete, we will be there to make sure everything is running smoothly by offering our maintenance program.

Commercial Heating Repair and Maintenance Greater Charleston, SC

Heating is just as important as cooling during the long winter months. At Carolina Comfort Specialists, we handle both commercial heating repair and commercial heating maintenance. The key to reducing inventory loss and downtime is prevention, which is why our maintenance program is so important.

Not only does it ensure that your system is working as energy-efficiently as possible, but also to spot signs of trouble before they become problematic and costly. If you should be in need of a commercial heating repair, we can service any major manufacturer. And we seek to provide same-day service to get you up and running as quickly as possible.


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    Commercial Heating Installation Greater Charleston, SC

    A new commercial heating system is a huge investment, but also a necessary one to reduce costs and to avoid an expensive repair call. If you are ready for a new commercial heating system installation, we offer the most innovative products and ensure that we stay within budget.

    Our mission is to suggest the most cost-effective heating solution for the long-term and to install it with the most professional experts in the industry. Once we install your system, our technicians seek to keep it running in top condition by providing our maintenance program.

    Commercial Refrigeration and Ice Machines Greater Charleston, SC

    Commercial refrigeration is highly critical for many industries, and keeping them running smoothly is the only way to prevent inventory loss and downtime. Carolina Comfort Specialists offers the most comprehensive commercial refrigeration repair and maintenance programs in the Greater Charleston area. And should you need a repair, our team of professionals can handle any commercial refrigeration issue possible.

    Although we seek to provide same-day service, if for some reason repairs might take longer, we offer interim refrigeration to reduce loss. And should investing in commercial refrigeration or ice machines not be warranted for your business, we offer rentals when needed.

    Heating & Air Conditioning Pipeline

    Carolina Comfort Specialists is the leading commercial HVAC company in the Greater Charleston, SC, and surrounding areas. Our trained team of professionals has the industry knowledge to deal with all of your HVAC issues from commercial HVAC repair to maintenance. Our mission is to provide the most innovative solutions to your HVAC problems and to reduce downtime and profit loss through the very best in prevention and maintenance.