How to Choose the Right HVAC Company


Unfortunately, when you need the assistance of an HVAC Charleston, SC company it is typically an emergency. And when an emergency happens, being discriminative is not always a luxury you can afford. The key to reducing the likelihood that you will need to place a costly repair call on an emergency basis is maintaining your HVAC properly. So, it is an excellent idea to establish a relationship with a reputable company from day one. But with so many HVAC Charleston, SC companies to choose from, how do you know which one is the best? To find someone you can trust to never steer you wrong, look for these qualities.

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Find a Company That is Qualified

According to South Carolina law, HVAC constructors have to be licensed, bonded, insured. And they have to obtain a particular level of training and expertise. Fixing or replacing an HVAC system is a complex process that requires knowledge of things such as combustion systems, electrical wiring, refrigerant, airflow, and other safety issues. And since the world of HVAC technology continues to adapt and change, hiring someone who attends continuing education courses is a good idea. It will ensure that you find someone who is highly knowledgeable and can get the job done.

Know the Problem

Before you hire an HVAC company, make sure that you know what the problem is and communicate it effectively. Having things like your maintenance records and the manuals to your equipment will help save you, and the company you hire, time. Also, make sure to alert them of things that you have noticed like cold or warm spots around the house. That will help expedite their evaluation and point them in the right direction.


Ask for Referrals

Although most people turn to the internet to find local HVAC companies, do not underestimate the power of word of mouth. When finding an HVAC company, ask friends, family members, or people in the community if they can recommend someone. First-hand experience is always the best way to gauge someone’s reputation.

Verify Their Credentials

It isn’t enough to ask if the company you hire has the proper documentation in order. Trust but verify. An HVAC company should have a copy of all of the licensure and insurance you need on hand. That is the only way to feel confident that they have dotted their I’s and crossed their t’s.


Obtain Estimates and get Opinions

If you are considering either repairing or replacing your system, it is wise to get more than one estimate. And also, get many opinions about what is the best way to tackle your HVAC issue. Take the time to call more than one expert to evaluate your situation. Also, when looking at the various estimates, make sure to compare all things like warranties, itemized deductions, and any other add-ons.

Read the Reviews

Most customers are not only more than happy to let you know about their good experiences, but also their not too good ones. Take the time to read reviews to see what previous clients have to say. It might not only point you in the right direction but also keep you from taking the wrong one.

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Ask for Everything in Writing

Before you hire anyone, make sure that you have all the terms and conditions in writing. Don’t let anyone start working until you have an official outline of what is going to be done, and what it will all cost. And make sure to read the fine print, so there aren’t any unforeseen surprises when the bill comes.

If you should ever have to make an emergency HVAC call, it is a good idea to have someone you trust in mind instead of dialing randomly. Take the time to interview an HVAC Charleston, SC company in advance so that you won’t ever be at the mercy of a company you don’t have a relationship with. Contact Carolina Comfort Specialists today to discuss all of your HVAC needs now and in the future.

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