Your Restaurant Can’t Function Without Refrigeration – How Well are You Maintaining Yours?

As we head further into summer, we are all feeling freedom we haven’t enjoyed in a long time. Restaurants are having a heyday as isolation lifts and we can all gather again in public. Summertime is an excellent time to head out for a happy hour or grab a drink on the beach. The operation of your restaurant depends on your commercial refrigeration. What is your status? If it has been a while since you have your commercial refrigerator maintained regularly, you need to schedule it! In the meantime, you can try these tips on your own.

Clean the Interior and Exterior

It is important to clean both the interior and exterior of your commercial refrigeration. Washing down the interior is necessary to reduce the risk of bacterial growth that can ultimately get into the refrigerated items if it’s not controlled. Externally, you want to make sure that the fans and compressor aren’t caked with built-up dirt that can force them to work overtime.

Clean the Condenser Coil

About every three months, the condenser coil should be cleaned according to the manufacturer’s specifications. If it gets dirty, it will have a hard time maintaining a consistent temperature, which will make it put more wear and tear on your refrigerator. Make sure to disconnect the commercial refrigerator before following the cleaning routine.

Check Around the Evaporator Coil

One of the most essential parts of your commercial refrigerator is the evaporator coil. It is responsible for absorbing the heat to keep the interior cold. Make sure that nothing is surrounding it or preventing its ability to operate, or your refrigerator will have to work overtime, which will increase the risk that you’ll need to call for an expensive repair.

Check Gaskets

The door gaskets seal in the cold and keep out the warm. If there are any cracks, then the seal won’t be tight, which can make your refrigerator work harder. If you notice any cracks, replacing the seal isn’t difficult. Just look at your refrigerator’s make and model and order the associated gaskets. Also, clean the gaskets to ensure that the seal is as tight as possible without dirt causing gaps and leaks.

Clean Air Filters

Dirt and grease can be a serious issue when your refrigeration is close to things like griddles and fryers. If you allow any build-up in the air filter, then your refrigerator will have a hard time cooling down. Make sure to continually clean the air filter so that it can perform appropriately.

Drain Tubes and Pans

Sludge and slime can accumulate if not addressed, which will lead to freezing. Drain the tubes and pans frequently so that there isn’t any standing or pooling water. All you have to use is soapy water. Also, make sure that the tubes are flowing freely in order to reduce the risk of a blockage. Any blockage can lead to a shutdown of your refrigerator and inventory loss!

As we head into summer, many of us are taking advantage of being able to dine out again. If it has been a while since you have had your commercial refrigerator maintained, now is the perfect time. Try these useful tips to keep it running smoothly in between maintenance calls. If something does go amiss, however, Carolina Comfort Specialists are always here to help. Schedule your appointment today!

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