Signs Your HVAC System May Need Replacement

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Heating not working properly? It may be time for a new HVAC system in Charleston SC.

If your HVAC system is running inefficiently, then don’t make a mistake of waiting until the last minute to have an inspection from a qualified HVAC company. With winter on its way, this is the perfect time to inspect, determine any issues, and clean your system. Carolina Comfort Specialists can check whether it needs to be replaced or not.

If you are not sure of how to inspect it on your own, hire a professional to assist you with your HVAC system in Charleston, SC. If there are signs of consistently poor performance, then it could be time for you to replace your HVAC system. Either way, we will give you a fair assessment of your system along with options for repair versus replacing.

Replacing your HVAC system can be a major undertaking, but it is essential if you want to save yourself in the long run. The average lifespan of any HVAC system is between 15 to 20 years. When you surpass this age, it is normal to see some of the signs that result from a declining system.

If you see any of these signs then, it’s the time for a new HVAC system:

Inadequate Air Temperature

Sometimes during the summer season, you might have noticed that your air conditioner was unable to produce enough cold air, even when it’s working overtime. Now, as the winter season is around the corner, there is a possibility that it’s also not heating properly. If this is occurring, then you should have your HVAC system inspected.

Poor Air Flow

If you find out that no or little air is flowing through the vents of your AC, then one or more components might be failing. Sometimes, you may notice that only one room is warm and others are cold. If you are facing this problem, then you may have issues in your ducts or with your HVAC unit.

Odd Sounds

When the HVAC system is in use, steady humming is fairly normal, but if you hear loud or unusual sounds, then your system is definitely asking service. To check whether your system needs a replacement, listen for odd sounds like squealing, grinding, or grating. It can be a simple problem that needs a quick-fix, like a belt slipping out of place or it can be a complex problem that requires the replacement of the HVAC system in Charleston, SC.

Malfunctioning Thermostat

In some cases, there is a possibility that a faulty thermostat can be causing the problem. Small thermostat problems can mimic more serious issues with your HVAC system and can directly impact cooling system performance and comfort level. A faulty thermostat can be the issue if the air conditioner short cycles and runs almost nonstop. Other signs may point to a thermostat like if the living space seems warmer than your desired temperature setting, or you suddenly experience a cooling system failure.

Time to Call a Charleston HVAC Company?

If you’re constantly making repairs to your HVAC, then it’s time to upgrade the system. It’ll also be a cost-effective solution in the long-run. Installing a new HVAC system in Charleston, SC can eliminate the costly repairs and put you at ease that your home is being efficiently heated and cooled!

If you find any of the above signs in your HVAC system, then give us a call today at 843.364.4247.

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