Spring Maintenance and Cleaning For Your Restaurant – Don’t Forget the Ice Machine

As we quickly roll into spring, now is an excellent time to clean things up and clear things out, especially for those in the restaurant industry. Making sure that your restaurant is as clean as possible is a must to protect your reputation as well as the public at large. Your ice machine is a major player in your daily routine and if it is not working, it can wreak havoc on your ability to provide the best customer service. To keep your ice machine running as cleanly and efficiently as possible, take these steps as recommended by our company for ice machine repair in Charleston, SC.

Clean the Ice Bin

Cleaning your ice bin should be performed regularly, but often a busy restaurant can let it lapse, which is a big no-no. The ice machine manual will likely provide intervals at which your machine requires the bin to be cleaned. But more importantly, health codes have to be followed to keep everyone safe. It is always best to go with a more conservative maintenance schedule. Before you clean it, turn off the machine and empty it completely, then follow the manual instructions. Don’t forget the ice scoop that you use; it is probably the source of most of the contamination.

Checking For Scale

For your ice machine, limescale build-up can lead to the need for expensive repairs or even having to replace your ice machine. It can also lead to cloudy ice, which makes a poor impression on your patrons. Limescale can be incredibly difficult to remove once it accumulates. The best way to limit limescale is by installing a water softener, but even if you have one, lime and other minerals are bound to build up over time if you do not tackle them frequently. The process of cleaning limescale differs from one machine to the next, so make sure to thoroughly look over your manual before taking on the task. Some machines require specific cleaners and some don’t, so it is important to know the specifics related to your model and machine.

Enhance Airflow

Ice machines, like most equipment, have air filters. If you did not already know that, then it has probably been a while since it has been changed, which is a significant problem! Most ice machines come with filters that can be rinsed and reused. While rinsing it, it is also a good idea to check the entire unit for dirt and debris build-up. Your owner’s manual will walk you through the process. Your owner’s manual is going to be your guide throughout the entire maintenance process, so make sure to have it handy.

Call for a Maintenance Appointment

If you are overwhelmed already with too much to do or you no longer have the manual, then sometimes calling a company for ice machine repair in Charleston, SC, like Carolina Comfort Specialist, is an excellent way to ensure that it is done – and done correctly. Contact us today to schedule your ice machine maintenance!

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