Furnace Not Firing? Try These Troubleshooting Techniques

You can definitely feel that fall is in the air. Most of us will soon be switching our air-conditioning to heat, but not everyone’s furnace will fire up. It has been a long summer with plenty of time for things to go wrong while your furnace was sitting idle. If you try to fire it up and nothing happens, these are some troubleshooting hacks from the best company for heating and air repair in Charleston, SC – Carolina Comfort Specialists.

Check the Filter

The first and most common problem to check is your air filter. When air filters are caked with dust and debris, it can reduce the airflow of your HVAC system. It also will lead to poor air quality, and in some cases, will cause a complete breakdown of your furnace. In a worst-case scenario, it can lead to a fire hazard or the need for a furnace repair.

  • Turn off your thermostat and flip the furnace power to off
  • Change your filter every month
  • Hold the filter up to the light. If you can’t see through it, then it needs to be replaced or cleaned
    Install the new filter
  • Put the panel back securely

Check That the Thermostat is Working Properly

If it isn’t the filter, the next likely culprit is the thermostat.

  • Set the thermostat to “heat” and then set the temperature a minimum of five degrees higher
  • Try replacing the batteries
  • For electromechanical thermostats, open the casing and gently dust the interior with a soft paintbrush or something that won’t leave anything behind
  • Check the location of the thermostat and make sure that it isn’t reading falsely due to sunlight, ovens, lamps, or another heat source

Check and Switch the Furnace Electrical Panel

The third place to investigate is your electrical box.

  • Look for the furnace switch and ensure that it is switched on. If it is, switch it off and then back on again
  • Check that the breaker box is on and not tripped
  • Reset the breakers by flipping the switch all the way off and then on again – it should make a clicking noise
  • Turn the furnace switch back to on and see if there is power running to it now

Check Pilot Light

Your furnace has a pilot light, and if it is out, then the furnace will not light up.

If your furnace’s pilot light is out, then you will have to relight it.

  • Turn the gas off for ten to fifteen minutes before relighting
  • If you still feel gas, stop what you are doing evacuate the house, and call the gas company

Check Vents and Registers

Sometimes the problem is not at all what you may think. It might not be your furnace if your vents and registers are blocked or closed.

  • 1.Go from room to room figuring out where the vents and registers are, and ensure that they are in the open position and that nothing is blocking them
  • 2.Close off the registers to the rooms that are unoccupied to lower your energy bill!

As we collectively turn our AC to heat, there might be the chance that your furnace fails to fire. Before you make a call to our company for heating and air repair in Charleston, SC, try these quick and easy troubleshooting tips. If you still can’t get it to heat, contact us to schedule a repair call. We are here when you need us most!

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