What to Look for in Your Commercial HVAC Installation Company

For those who are not in the HVAC industry, it might seem like an HVAC system is just an HVAC system, regardless of whether it goes in a commercial or residential business – but that is not the case. Commercial HVAC systems are more complex and specialized, so it takes a professional who understands all the factors that go into deciding how to install, configure, and choose the best systems to suit your needs. Before hiring a company for commercial HVAC installation in Charleston, SC, make sure to look for these things.


What’s the key factor to finding the best commercial HVAC installation in the industry? An experienced professional who knows how to expertly install your system. They will understand how the units all operate together, what size you need, and the best configuration to keep energy costs low and to extend the life of your overall HVAC system. The more experience they have, the more they will be able to make industry suggestions about which manufacturers and products will be a good fit all the way around.

Price Point

As a savvy business owner, you want to find solutions that keep costs low. But when it comes to an HVAC system, you typically get what you pay for. This means that choosing an HVAC company by price alone will probably not be a good decision. If you have a subpar system or one that isn’t comprehensive enough, then you will likely end up paying more in repair costs over the lifespan of the system, or even requiring a new system sooner. Sometimes you have to pay a little more to save money in the long run. Cost should definitely play into your decision, but it should not be the entire basis of it.

Knowledge and Training

HVAC is an exact science, which means that you really do need the industry knowledge to ensure that you are choosing the right system and expertly installing it. Only those who are specifically trained in commercial HVAC systems are qualified to install them. If you choose a company that primarily does residential systems, they might not be current on the new technology or the ins and outs of finding the best system components for maximum efficiency. When hiring a commercial HVAC company, look for one that has the correct training and industry knowledge to get it right.


When it comes to your commercial building, the HVAC system has a huge bearing on your overall operation and your monthly energy costs. If your system is down, you will likely have a lot of downtime or even inventory loss. Find a company that will not only expertly install your HVAC system, but one that will be responsive if something goes wrong later on. Always assume that if something can go wrong it will, and find a company that cares enough to be there to fix whatever might happen.

A new commercial HVAC installation is a significant investment, so it’s important to choose wisely when hiring a contractor. At Carolina Comfort Specialists, we specialize in commercial HVAC installation, repair, and maintenance. Our goal is to install a product that will last, run efficiently, and reduce your energy costs for the long term. Contact us today to discuss how we can help with your HVAC needs.

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