Why Putting a Heat Pump on Your New Year’s List is a Good Idea


If saving money was on your to-do New Year’s list, a good place to start is by lowering your monthly energy costs. One way to do that might be by replacing your furnace with a heat pump. Although not traditionally the choice for most homeowners, a heat pump offers a list of advantages to people living in South Carolina. Below are just some of them, and why you might want to consider Googling “heat pump installation near me“.

They are More Economical

Although a heat pump might be a bigger investment upfront, you only need to purchase one unit. Instead of a traditional furnace and air conditioning unit, a heat pump serves both purposes of keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer. So if your air conditioning and furnace are nearing the end of their lifespan, you might want to consider replacing them both. Then you will get two for one by replacing them with a heat pump.

They Cost Less to Operate

A heat pump works by converting energy to heat versus making heat through the use of natural gas and propane the way that a furnace does. During tepid weather, heat pumps are 100% energy efficient, which means they require less energy to run than a gas-powered furnace. So that equals more savings in your pocket from month to month. And it also means a lesser carbon footprint that you are leaving behind.

They Require Very Little Maintenance

Heat pumps require less regular maintenance than a furnace. Although some of the components need to be serviced and cleaned about once a year, that can usually be accomplished by the homeowner. On average, heat pumps only need a technician to service them every three to five years.

They are Ideal in Warm Regions

Although heat pumps might not be ideal if you live in a cold-weather region, they are perfect for the South Carolinian conditions. They work best in places where the temperature outside doesn’t dip down too frequently, or too high. So you get all the advantages that a heat pump has to offer without any of the disadvantages you get if you live somewhere really cold.

They are Safer Because They are Non-Combustible

Because they are not a combustion-based heating system, they are safer than their furnace counterparts. For homeowners, that can provide great peace of mind that you can’t get from a traditional forced-air furnace.

If you are looking for ways to lower your expenses this New Year, then call Carolina Comfort Specialists for heat pump installation near you. Heat pumps are highly efficient, they reduce your carbon footprint, they require less maintenance, and they are safer for you and your family. Contact Carolina Comfort Specialists today to discuss if one is a sound option for you. And to see if one can be the key to obtaining your New Year’s goal of cutting costs.

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