Air Conditioning Repair

As anyone who lives in South Carolina can attest to, the summers can be brutally hot and steamy. To find relief from the heat and humidity, you need to have an air conditioning system that can meet the demands of your home’s environment. But running your air conditioning at full capacity around the clock can lead to excessive wear and tear and high energy costs.

If you notice any signs that your air conditioning is not working in top shape, don’t ignore it. The problem will only get worse if you aren’t proactive. Don’t wait for a complete breakdown that will leave you sweating. When you spot signs of trouble, call Carolina Comfort Specialists so we can troubleshoot and find the best and most cost-effective solution for your air conditioning repair!

Do you need a new HVAC installation or an air conditioning repair?

If your air conditioner isn’t cutting it, then you might think that getting a bigger unit is the answer. But when you understand the science behind how an air conditioning unit works, you know that bigger does not always mean better — the only way to find comfort throughout your house is to have a properly sized unit.

Otherwise, you will be paying more in energy costs, and it might also lead to a humidity problem, which will exasperate everything! Our certified and expert team of professionals can help to fit the right system to save you money and keep you comfortable.

If you have any concerns with your current system, no matter how small the concern is, it is worth checking out! Carolina Comfort Specialists can identify the problem quickly and then find the best cost-effective solution for your air conditioning repair. Catching any defects early is the only way to reduce air conditioning repair costs. Noises such as grinding and screeching aren’t just annoying, they are your unit’s way of telling you something is amiss. If you hear any strange noises coming from your air conditioning, it is time to call for an air conditioning repair.

Also, things like odd odors not only smell bad, they are an indication that there might be mildew or mold growth, which is unhealthy for your family. Other signs to look for are varying temperatures swings, warm spots throughout the house, or even your air conditioning continually turning on. They are all reasons to call for a professional.

Carolina Comfort Specialists are Here When you Need Emergency Air Conditioning Repairs in the Greater Charleston area!

Air conditioners don’t always break during regular business hours. And the last thing you want to do is sit sweating it out. The good news is that you don’t have to wait for Monday morning to get the service you need! Our professional staff is available when you need them 24/7. Our team also has the resources on hand to fix your unit same-day, and usually in a single visit. We service all makes and models and also don’t work on commission. You can trust that we won’t take advantage of your situation by charging you for expensive repairs. Our customers are very important to us, and as such, we seek to provide the most cost-effective solutions.

For an evaluation of your energy costs and how to lower them, contact Carolina Comfort Specialists today!


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