4 Warning Signs You Need A Commercial Refrigerator Repair

In the hospitality industry, there is little that is as critical to your operation as your commercial refrigerator. If yours isn’t working in top order, that can severely affect your inventory and the quality and safety of the food you serve. That is why it is important to ensure that your refrigerator is operating at 100%. If you notice any of these 4 warning signs that you need a Charleston, SC commercial refrigeration repair service, don’t ignore them!

It is Making a Loud or Strange Noise

Commercial refrigerators are loud by nature. But if you notice that yours is louder than normal or that it’s making high-pitched noises, or any noise that is out of the ordinary, investigate it. Loud noises can mean a variety of things, most of which aren’t good. And if you ignore a noise hoping that it will go away, what you will likely find is that it is going to get louder and more expensive to repair.

The Compressor is Not Shutting Off

If your refrigerator compressor continues to run without ever shutting off, that is a sign that something might be amiss. A compressor turns off and on to cool the refrigerator down. But if it is running continually, then something is not right. And eventually it will burn out, which is a costly repair call! Also, if you notice that the motor is running hot that’s not a good sign. If you hear your refrigerator running more than usual, feel the back of it for heat. If the motor is hot, that is a huge warning sign that you need to call a specialist!

Your Food is Spoiling Faster Than It Should

Produce only has a specific shelf life, but if you are starting to notice that your food is spoiling faster than it should, that could be a warning sign that your refrigerator is not working up to par. If your refrigerator is taking longer to cool down or having a difficult time maintaining a consistent temperature, then you are not only wasting food, you are probably paying higher energy bills than you need to. If it is taking more energy to cool down, you are losing money on both ends.

Excessive Condensation

If you notice either condensation on the outside of the unit or on the inside, that could signal a problem. Excessive condensation on the exterior means that there is a problem with the seal. If so, there may be mold or mildew around the edges of the door. If the condensation is on the inside of your refrigerator, then that leads to food spoilage and also means that there may be a problem with the accuracy of the unit’s temperature setting. Since having the right temperature is imperative to reduce the risk of foodborne illness, it is definitely not something to turn a blind eye to!

No one wants to call a Charleston, SC commercial refrigeration company to service their refrigerator, but ignoring a problem won't fix it. In fact, if you ignore it long enough, your small problem can become a significant and costly one. If you notice any sign that your commercial refrigerator might not be operating as efficiently as it should, call Carolina Comfort Specialists today to lower the risk of a pricey ending.

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